Boobies Calculator Greeting Card | Funny Birthday Card You've got pen on your face

Boobies Calculator Greeting Card | Funny Birthday Card

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Let’s be honest, not all of us are mathematically inclined - and this funny greeting card celebrates those of us who’d rather goof off than study our equations. This illustrated greeting card features a hand-drawn classic calculator in its most-used position: upside down so the screen reads 80081E3 (BOOBIES). Teehee! The naive handwriting-style caption ‘what I learnt in maths’ adds the finishing touch to the funny birthday card, sharing hard truths about our (lack of) education. The retro birthday card prompts a delightful wave of nostalgia from its unique design, and the blank inside is ready for the sender to add their own message and personalise the greeting card for any occasion. Funny Birthday Card Features: Size: 110mm x 150mm Supplied with Kraft envelope Blank inside 300gsm star-fine white paper FSC-certified acid-free card stock Hand drawn and printed in the UK